How To Play

Select your mode of play - Play for Fun or Play for Prizes.

Scratch the ACCESS CODE area at the bottom of your ticket to reveal your 11-digit access code. Click PLAY FOR PRIZES on the home page. Follow the prompts to create an account, or use your Tech the Halls login info if you have already registered. Enter the ACCESS CODE without spaces or dashes.

  1. Click any of the CALL LETTERS to reveal a letter.
  2. Click all of the letters found in the puzzle which match the call letters.
  3. If you are stuck, click the HINT button to highlight your next possible move.
  4. If you do not wish to play the game just click the REVEAL ALL button to solve the full puzzle.
  5. When you are in “Play for Prizes” mode and you uncover three or more complete words, you win the corresponding prize in the Prize Legend. The Prize Legend can be found in Settings on the game board or on the Home Page navigation bar.