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How to Play

Play for Prizes

Purchase your $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition ticket at any authorized BCLC Lottery Retailer. Scratch the ACCESS CODE area at the bottom of your ticket to reveal your 11-digit access code and visit www.supercrossword.ca on your desktop or mobile device. Click PLAY FOR PRIZES on the home page. Follow the prompts to create an account, or use your Tech the Halls login info if you have already registered. Enter the ACCESS CODE without spaces or dashes into the area provided (see below). 

NOTE: All winning and non-winning tickets are eligible to. So whether you have already won or not on the main scratch play area, you can still be a winner on the digital game.


Where can I find the ACCESS CODE?

To find the 11-digit ACCESS CODE, scratch the DIGITAL BONUS section at the bottom of your $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition ticket (see below for location on ticket).  


 Ticket Image


What if I have to stop playing in the middle of the game?

You can stop at any point.  When you are ready to play again, go to your Account History to find access codes for your unfinished game(s). Games that are unfinished will not resume where you left off but will start fresh with a new game board that has the same prize odds as your previously unfinished game.


Do I have to complete the digital game to find out if I am a winner?

No. The digital game adds play value to the traditional $3 Super Crossword experience by including sound and motion in the game, but it’s not necessary to complete the game to know if you’ve won a prize. To find out if your ticket is a winner, scratch the validation barcode and scan using the BCLC Lotto app on your smartphone, or the self-check terminal at your authorized BCLC Lottery Retailer.


Do I need to keep the tickets I purchase?

Yes. To claim any prize won on the digital Crossword game, you must present the $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition ticket at an authorized BCLC Lottery Retailer. For more information, go to how to claim a prize on bclc.com.


Play for Fun

Choose PLAY FOR FUN on the home page to begin playing the game.  You do not need a ticket or a Tech the Halls account to play for fun.  

To learn how to play the Crossword game online, go to HOW TO PLAY.


Ticket Eligibility

Is the digital game available with any other Crossword brand game?

No. The digital game is only available on the $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition.     


Registration and Login

What if I don’t have a Tech the Halls account or prefer not to use it?

Not to worry,You can simply sign up for a game account here.


Why am I getting the error message “Your email address is already in use” when I try to sign up for a game account? 

If you receive this message, and you have not already signed up for Tech the Halls, it is possible that someone else in your household has signed up using the same email address. An email address cannot be used by more than one person. If you believe this message is incorrect contact us for assistance. 


The site is not recognizing my information. Why can't I log in?

Check that your e-mail address and password have been entered correctly. Are there spelling errors? Is your caps lock on? If you continue to have an issue, click Forgot your password? on the login page.


What if I forgot my email address and/or password or no longer have access to the email I signed up with?

If you've already signed up and have forgotten your email address and/or password, click Forgot your password? on the login page.


What if I forget the answers to my security questions?

If you have forgotten the answers to your security questions, please contact us for assistance.


How do I change my phone number, email address or other information I signed up with?

Login to your account, and then click on YOUR ACCOUNT. This will open your profile,  where you can edit your personal information.  


I received a message that says my ACCESS CODE has already been entered. How can that be if I have the ticket in my possession?

Each code can only be used one time. Once that game is complete, the code becomes invalid. Ensure you or a family member has not already used the code.  If this is not the case, contact us for further assistance.


What are the minimum system requirements for my electronic device?

Minimum Browsers Version


Operating System




57.0.2987 or Greater





55.0 or Greater



Internet Explorer


IE 11 or Greater



7.0 or Greater


6.1.6 or Greater



50 or Greater

Android or Greater


16.0.0 or Greater

Android Browser


Android 5.0 (21) or Greater


Minimum APP OS Versions

Operating System

OS Version


Android 5.0 – Lollipop (21)


iOS 9