Game Conditions

These Game Conditions govern all aspects of use of the microsite and the BCLC Super Crossword Mobile App. 

PLEASE READ THESE CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. By using and/or BCLC Super Crossword mobile app, you acknowledge your full understanding and acceptance of the terms contained herein, and confirm that you are at least 19 years of age.



  1. BCLC: means the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

  2. Access Code: means an eleven (11)-digit code found on the $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition paper Scratch & Win (S&W) ticket. The code will access a digital game extension on and the BCLC Super Crossword App.

  3. Game Page: means the webpage or BCLC Super Crossword App.

  4. Game: means the $3 Super Crossword Bonus Edition digital game extension.

  5. Registered Player: means a Tech the Halls Player or a BCLC S&W Player.

  6. BCLC S&W Player: means a person who is 19 years of age or older, who has created a BCLC S&W Account pursuant to these terms and conditions.

  7. BCLC S&W Account: : means a player account, which allows a Registered Player, to login to all BCLC S&W offerings. 

  8. Tech the Halls Player: means a person who is 19 years of age or older, who has a registered a Tech the Halls account, accepted these terms and conditions, and who elects to use their Tech the Halls account to log in to play the Game.  Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions, a Tech the Halls account holder will become a BCLC S&W Account holder.

  9. Cash Prize: means a prize won on the Game when playing on the PLAY FOR PRIZES mode.

  10. Lottery Retailer: means a person contracted by BCLC to sell lottery tickets and who provides lottery services at a retail location that pays out prize claims for S&W tickets, including but not limited to a person who is an employee or volunteer of a Lottery Retailer.

  11. Notification: means an instant win or non-win notification message that pops up on screen once a Registered  Player has completed their Game in the PLAY FOR PRIZES mode.

  12. Pollard: means Pollard Banknote Limited who designed, developed the Game and hosts the Game Page.

  13. Splashdot: means Splashdot Inc.

  14. Ticket: means a paper S&W ticket that contains the digital ACCESS CODE to PLAY FOR PRIZES.

  15. Ticket Holder: means a person who is 19 years of age or older, who is the holder of a Ticket.


Apple is not a sponsor of this promotion, and is not involved in this promotion in any way.

Signup and Access:

  1. No Access Code is required in PLAY FOR FUN mode. However, you must be a Registered Player to PLAY FOR PRIZES. 
  2. To log in, you can use your existing Tech the Halls Player account or create a BCLC S&W Player account.
  3. By using a Tech the Halls account, you allow your player data to be shared by Spashdot Inc, who currently manages player data from other BCLC Scratch & Win digital offerings, including the Tech the Halls player data , with Pollard, the creator of the Game and host of the Game Page. Splashdot Inc., will also access and store BCLC S&W Player data from Pollard Banknote Ltd.
  4. By creating a BCLC S&W Player account, your data will be collected by Pollard and you allow Pollard to share your information with Splashdot Inc., who will access and store BCLC S&W Player information.  
  5. A Registered Player is only allowed to register once with the same email address. No duplicate accounts are allowed. Once registered, only a Registered Player’s email address and password will be required to log in.

How to play for prizes:

Scratch the ACCESS CODE area at the bottom of a S&W ticket to reveal an 11-digit access code. Download the BCLC Super Crossword App or go to  Select PLAY FOR PRIZES mode on the home page.  Follow the prompts to use an existing Tech the Halls account to login or create a BCLC S&W Player account.  Enter the ACCESS CODE to start playing the Game.

  1. Click any of the CALL LETTERS to reveal a hidden letter.
  2. Match any corresponding letters found in the puzzle by clicking each of those letters.
  3. Once the Game is complete (i.e., all the letters are found on the Game board), a Notification will advise you whether or not you have won a Cash Prize. The number of words found determines whether or not you have won and how much you have won. See Cash Prize legend below.
  4. The digital win is not a second chance contest but forms part of the overall S&W ticket payout and does not constitute an additional payout, additional chance or second chance contest.
  5. The Ticket validation code contains all prizes, whether from the Ticket or the Game. You can win on the Ticket, the Game or both.
  6. A Ticket Holder does not need to play the Game to win the Cash Prize. The validation code on the Ticket will show all wins, from the paper ticket and/or the Game. A Ticket Holder can validate their Ticket using the Lotto app, self-check terminal or go to an authorized BCLC Retailer.
  7. All winners must take their Ticket to an authorized BCLC Retailer for prize payout.

Cash Prize Legend




3 Words


4 Words

Free $5 Crossword Ticket

5 Words


6 Words


7 Words


8 Words


9 Words




Other Conditions:

  1. For existing Tech the Halls players: Splashdot will securely share its database of existing Tech the Halls player data with Pollard’s system which would allow Tech the Halls players to login to the Game using their existing accounts.
  2. For BCLC S&W Players: Pollard will securely share its database of BCLC S&W Player data with Splashdot’s system to allow Splashdot to store and manage BCLC S&W data.
  3. BCLC and its agents are not liable for any loss or damage to any Registered Player or their computer or any other property related to or resulting from participating in this game or downloading any material related thereto.By participating in the Game, each Registered Player agrees to indemnify and save BCLC harmless from and against any and all actions, claims or demands (including costs incurred by BCLC in defending such actions, claims or demands) brought against BCLC which arise out of or are in any way connected to Game.
  4. The conditions on the Ticket apply to the Game.
  5. BCLC may at its sole discretion alter, amend, suspend, or cancel this Game.
  6. All references to dollar amounts are in Canadian funds. All monetary prizes will be paid out in Canadian funds.
  7. Decisions of BCLC are final.
  8. Personal information is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, British Columbia, and will be used, accessed, disclosed and stored by BCLC and its service providers inside and outside Canada:
    1. to facilitate registration on and use of the Game Page;
    2. for administration of contests and other digital S&W offerings (including verifying a player’s eligibility to enter the Game);
    3. if you consent, to distribute offers and promotional materials to you;
    4. for research, survey and statistical purposes, including inviting you to participate in research and surveys;
    5. to customize the content and delivery of our products, services and marketing;
    6. to make improvements to BCLC products and services; and
    7. to comply with applicable laws.

Effective on the date you submit your personal information on this Game Page, you agree to the above. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact BCLC Customer Support Centre at 74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1E2, telephone 1-866-815-0222 or


Changes to the Sites or to the Terms of Use

BCLC may modify the Terms and Conditions, Games Rules, agreements or other terms including these Terms of Use, at any time without any prior notice.  The Terms and Conditions in use at the time a Registered Player logs onto the Game Page will govern the relationship between BCLC and the Registered Player.